Medical Exams


When you welcome a new family member into your home we will make sure they are perfectly healthy! We will do a thorough Wellness Consultation, evaluating all body systems, as well as administer first vaccinations. We will individualize their vaccination schedule and preventative health care recommendations for their specific needs. Finally we will go through any questions you may have.


Our Wellness Consultation is a complete and thorough evaluation of all of your pet’s body systems. A wellness consultation is recommended every 6-12 months depending on your pet’s age and health status. If any abnormalities are found we will go further in depth to make sure your pet is at their optimal health.


This consultation also goes through each and every body system to determine overall health, just like in our Wellness Consultations. This consultation then focuses on problem areas with a more in-depth exam of each problem. Because of the increased time sometimes warranted, there may be a slightly increased charge associated with sick exams.


We understand that things happen and while we are not an emergency facility we will do our best to reach you and your pet in a timely manner. If we are unable to reach you in time, or if we feel a referral to a 24hr emergency facility would be more appropriate then we will help direct you to a hospital closest to your home.